Artisan Partner - Camilo Vasco - Fento

In the heart of the vibrant city of Medellín, where urban life blends seamlessly with the natural lushness of Colombia, there's a workshop that hums with a unique rhythm. This is the home of Fento®, a haven where artistry and nature converse in whispers and shouts, culminating in creations that are far more than mere accessories. It's a place where sunglasses tell stories, stories of the earth, its history, and its future, all through the vision of one man: Camilo Vasco.

Camilo, a man whose hands know the texture of wood and stone as well as they know his own heartbeats, had always seen the world a little differently. Where others saw trees, he saw guardians of history; where some saw rocks, he saw the compressed time. His journey began with an insatiable curiosity, a passion for nature, and a deep-seated need to create. In the early days of 2012, his experiments with natural materials were personal, a solitary dialogue between him and the earth. However, destiny had other plans.

It wasn't long before his path intersected with four other visionary souls—Felipe, Mateo, Daniel, and Juan Felipe. Each brought with them a unique perspective, a distinct skill, an entrepreneurial spirit, but most importantly, a shared reverence for nature and an unyielding commitment to environmental sustainability. Their collective dream burgeoned into Fento®, a testament to innovation, luxury, and eco-responsibility.

At Fento®, eyewear is not just about shielding eyes from the sun or correcting vision; it's about adorning one's personality with nature's elegance. It's about wearing a narrative that speaks of ancient forests, time-honed stones, and the meticulous craftsmanship that morphs them into stylish, contemporary masterpieces. The materials are more than ecological choices; they are a stand against the transient, disposable culture that endangers our planet. Each pair of glasses is a bold statement of style and sustainability, crafted not just with hands, but with souls.

The process is as enchanting as the product. Artisans, guided by Camilo's philosophy, engage in a delicate dance with nature. They devote around 62 hours for each frame, transforming responsibly sourced wood and ancient stones into eyewear. Every cut is considerate, every polish is thoughtful, and every frame is a tribute to nature's generosity and resilience.

Fento's woods are whispers from forests across America, Africa, Asia, and Europe, ensuring a renewal cycle that breathes life back into the earth. The stones, with their mesmerizing veins and hues, narrate geological poetry dating back millions of years. Together, they create not just eyewear, but gateways to behold the world with awareness and grace.

The environmental ethos of Fento® goes beyond the product. It's a lifestyle, a collective commitment that echoes in every aspect of the company. From renewable and biodegradable raw materials to processes designed to minimize ecological footprints, Fento® is not just a brand but a movement. Customers are not just clients; they are advocates for an environmental cause, a community that sees the world through the lens of responsibility and love.

"In all things of nature there is something of marvellous," Aristotle once said, a quote that resonates profoundly with the spirit of Fento®. For Camilo and his team, every day is a journey guided by this marvel. And with every pair of glasses they create, they invite you to join in this wondrous journey, to see the world with a renewed vision, tinted not just with style, but with consciousness and reverence for the earth that nurtures us all.

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