Being a member of Ecologi is a commitment by Sun Amante to pay for the planting of 2 trees with every order. Our commitment is to be "planet positive" which means we support all efforts for the betterment of people and the planet.

We joined Ecologi as it is the UK's leading climate action platform and fits our ethos given our sunglasses all have reforested wood as part of their DNA.

Here are some of things being an Ecologi member does for sustainability:

1. Tree Planting: A substantial part of Ecologi's initiative is to plant trees globally.

2. Supports Global Initiatives: By funding various environmental projects, Ecologi members contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

3. Reforestation: Through its reforestation efforts, Ecologi helps restore degraded land, which benefits not only the climate but also local ecosystems and biodiversity.

4. Social Impact: Ecologi often selects projects that have a positive social impact, such as providing local jobs, improving air quality, and offering educational opportunities in communities where projects are based.

5. Creates a Network: Members become part of a broader community of like-minded individuals and organisations, creating opportunities for networking, collaboration, and collective action towards sustainability goals.

6. Market Transformation: By participating in Ecologi's programs, businesses can drive market changes by signalling to consumers, suppliers, and competitors the value and importance of sustainability, potentially influencing others to adopt greener practices.

7. Transparency and Aaccountability: Members have access to tracking their impact via an online platform, offering transparency on where and how the contributions are being used, which fosters a culture of accountability in the climate action sector.

In summary, membership with Ecologi represents a proactive step toward environmental responsibility and sustainability. It provides a structured way for individuals and companies to support climate-positive projects as well as engage with a community focused on making a positive impact on the planet.

To learn more about Ecologi visit their website:


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