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Discover our range of handmade, sustainable sunglasses, uniquely available in the UK. Each pair is crafted by artisans in Colombia using 100% natural materials, ensuring you wear not just style but sustainability. With almost no environmental impact, these sunglasses offer you the option to choose between polarised non-prescription lenses and single-vision prescription lenses where you experience convenience without compromise through our quick 2-day turnaround, made possible by our partnerships with independent opticians. Step into style that cares for the planet with a pair of sunamantes today.

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Crafted by artisans

In forests around the world, trees are sustainably harvested to create sunglasses. These woods, fortified with natural oils and waxes, are crafted by Sun Amante's artisan partners into durable frames ready to face various elements.

The final craftsmanship lies in the superior polarised lenses, providing crucial UV protection from the sun’s harsh rays.

Our sustainable sunglasses symbolise a blend of practical elegance and environmental responsibility. Wearers not only enjoy high-quality eyewear but also uphold a commitment to nature and vision protection.

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