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we partner with ecologi so that for every order 3 trees are planted 🌳🌳🌳

The best sustainable wooden sunglasses

Each pair of glasses can take up to 65 hours to manufacture. A premium product with the beauty of nature.

The process begins by carefully choosing the most beautiful sheets of wood from the reforested forests, always ensuring their sustainable origin. Then, up to 12 sheets of wood are stacked in the same way that skateboards are built, interlacing the wood fibres. The result is an incredibly light and durable piece of wood that is then cut and molded into frames and arms.

The pieces go through a meticulous sanding process and quality control to ensure the strength, beauty and functionality of each pair of sunglasses. Finally, the frame, arms, nose, stainless steel hinges and lenses are integrated into the assembly line by an expert.

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