Sun Amante is proud to partner with Sightsavers where 1% from every sale is donated to support eye health across the world.

Did you know that globally, 1.1 billion people have a visual impairment that could have been treated or prevented.

The Sightsavers vision is of a world where no one is blind from avoidable causes, and where people with disabilities participate equally in society.

As part of their eye health work, Sightsavers provide sight-saving cataract operations and glasses to those in need. They also train various levels of eye health staff in local communities so that people are screened and receive treatment before it is too late. For instance, children who are born with cataracts have to have an operation in early childhood in order for the part of their brain responsible for seeing to become activated.

Around the world, the number of people in need of eye care is spiralling. Unless eye health services improve, 61 million people could be blind because of global population growth and ageing by 2050.

In the seven decades since Sightsavers were founded, they have:

  • Supported more than 1.7 billion treatments for neglected tropical diseases
  • Carried out more than 8.7 million cataract operations to restore sight
  • Carried out more than 216 million eye examinations
  • Dispensed more than 6.1 million glasses
  • Supported more than 190 thousand children with disabilities and visual impairment to attend school each year

Sun Amante are invested in supporting this work and each customer contributes to this worthy cause every time they purchase a pair of prescription or non-prescription eyewear.

This is Luyando who is seven years old and lives in Zambia. She had been really struggling at school due to cataracts in both eyes but had a sight-saving cataract operation and can now see clearly!

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